8 Easy Ways to Boost Your Productivity Every Day

8 easy ways to boost your productivity every day. For women and mothers with ADHD.

You’re not going to believe this but – I have been incredibly productive lately.

I have been writing a ton of posts, and researching my butt off. For a few weeks early in the year I was not sure why I was so inspired. I’m still not sure why such tiny little changes have made such a huge impact on my productivity.

Imagine what I could get done if I were medicated!

8 Easy Ways to Boost Your Productivity Every day


Wake Up with a Plan

When that alarm first goes off in the morning I know how tempting it is to hit snooze. But you and I both also know that the longer we lay there the more rushed we will be trying to get out the door.

My solution? Sit up and start using my brain. I think about my appointments and obligations for the day and sort of map it out in my mind. Believe it or not this helps you to feel more prepared for the day ahead.

While you are sitting there…

Easy ways to boost your productivity

Meditate (or pray) or Whatever Works for You

I was listening to Tim Ferriss at work the other day and he mentioned that he meditates every morning. By all accounts meditation is a great way to clear your mind and bring a sense of balance.

I have written about mindfulness before, and there is more coming on this topic in the future. So in the meantime lets get down with mindfulness! As I write this I realize I might have had too much coffee today.

You don’t have to chant or practice your Bikram fire breathing or anything. Just quiet your mind and listen to your own breath. Practice gratitude.

I mean you woke up today, right?

Make Your Bed

This is another one I stole from Tim Ferriss. But truth be told, I always make my bed. This is how it is done:

  • Grab the sheets and covers and toss them up onto the pillows.
  • Cover the bed with another blanket as a barrier for the animal hair.
  • Toss a couple throw pillows on there. Dunzo!

Much to my chagrin, my home doesn’t look like Pottery Barn. But this activity takes less than 60 seconds. Plus it sets the tone for my day.

This one little step inspires me to tidy as I go through the house all day long!

Throw Something Away

I make a point to toss something into the trash every single day. Sometimes it is an old magazine. Other times it is an old or broken toy.

Throwing stuff away is very empowering and it can become like an addiction. You feel much more in control of your space. As an added bonus you are decluttering.

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Boost your productivity

Check Your Planner

Having ADHD I am prone to forgetfulness. I forget about my appointments. I forget about my deadlines. Today I forgot to shower. (true story.)

And yes, even though I like to sit up in bed and think through my day – I still forget about things.

For all of these reasons I have 2 paper planners. One for my personal appointments and one for my work and website obligations. I also have a Google calendar that I share with my husband. So that makes 3 calendars in total. Here is my post about Google Calendar.

I check that Google calendar every single morning, as soon as I pour my coffee.

I recommend you do the same with your calendar of choice. I will have a post next week about time blocking.

It will be epic. Or at least as epic as a post from me can possibly me.

Try not to think of your planner as a crutch. Think of your planner as a tool.

If your planner is on your phone and can give you alerts and reminders, even better!

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Wear A Watch

This is kinda cheesy, particularly because I only wear a watch as a fashion accessory. But it is also a clever workaround. For some reason having a watch on my wrist makes me a more responsible person.

Maybe it touches a pulse point or something?

Whatever – all I know is it works. By yourself a cute watch, you might be surprised at how responsible you feel.

Utilize the “Cracks” in Your Day

You know how when you tell your child to put on their shoes they dilly dally around and this simple activity that should take 2 minutes ends up taking 10 instead? Well, these days while my son is doing this, I get busy.

I fold clothes. I load the dishwasher. I write a check to his preschool. I do just about anything to keep myself from yelling at him.

I do the same thing at work when I am on hold on the phone. I write a quick email to check on my records request, or I start filing and put the phone on speaker.

I really, really like to stay productive in these little 5-10 minute blocks of time. Find some piddly annoying activity that has to happen, like cleaning the coffee pot – and do it when you have these “cracks” in your day.

You will get so much done!

Block It Out

Your time that is. Divide your day into blocks of time. You could have a personal block, a work block, a family time block, and then a rest block.

My personal time blocks consist of: waking up, personal hygiene, mentally preparing for the day, taking time for myself, and getting my child out the door. From 5:15 a.m. until 8 a.m. those are my primary activities.

My work block consists of: filing, making calls, preparing documents, writing letters, filing paperwork with the court. Because well…those are the activities that I am required to do.

I think you get the time blocking idea…it’s all about compartmentalizing your time.

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What are your productivity tips/tricks?


What is the biggest barrier to productivity in your day?





2 comments on “8 Easy Ways to Boost Your Productivity Every Day

  1. For me it really is as simple and complicated 🙂 as waking up with a plan. Going to sleep with a plan. When I don’t – – it’s mid day before I’m ready to start

    • Thanks for reading Carla!
      I too like to wake up with a plan. But I am so groggy in the a.m. I need to take a minute to think through my day. Hope you are off to a productive day. 🙂

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