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ADHD After Dark

ADHD after dark isn’t just a book about sex. It’s also a book about relationships, and intimacy. which is not one of my strong points.
Initially, I was going to call this episode something funny like, “Lets talk about (ADHD) SEX.”  Just to get people’s attention.
Then I decided to behave like a professional and name it after Dr. Ari Tuckman’s new book, since ADHD After Dark is much more clever. And subtle.
About a year ago I walked up to Dr. Tuckman after hearing him speak and got all fan-girl on him. But he was really nice about it, and didn’t even seem freaked out when I emailed him randomly and asked if he would talk about his book on my podcast.
So we scheduled a time AND I enlisted the Hubs to talk about our sex life. 
You can find my original episode with the Hubs, HERE.

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