ADHD and Facebook

ADHD and facebook

ADHD and Facebook are not a good combination.

In fact, after some research I’ve become convinced that Facebook is pretty much the worst thing for ADHD…ever.

Just to be clear, I use Facebook to communicate with friends and family and to house two different groups. (for now)

I’ve written about executive function for years, and I’ve produced my own curriculum around managing emotions with ADHD.

So I of all people know how important it is for ADHDers to find their tribe.

Facebook was designed to bring people together. The space was there for anyone to use for free and create their own private groups. Facebook allowed people who otherwise would never meet to connect and build relationships.

Unfortunately, it has evolved into a massive, overstimulating vortex that does the opposite of it’s original intent.

see in ADHD podcast episode 297


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