The Busy Mom’s Guide to Meal Planning

I didn’t set out to write a guide about meal planning. If we’re being honest I don’t even like cooking.  But you don’t have to like cooking to feed your family. This is where I tell you a story. My aunt and I were working to clean out my grandparents house when I got a […]

Confessions of an ADHD Housewife

Here’s the first of my confessions of an ADHD housewife: I don’t even like homemaking.   I get no satisfaction out of cooking, cleaning, organizing or decorating. Culturally, we’ve put a lot of pressure on stay-at-home moms and homemakers. If you don’t aspire to domestic bliss you aren’t a good woman. Here are some stats […]

A Stress Free House Cleaning Schedule

I made a detailed house cleaning schedule during the last few weeks of my pregnancy. No joke, I thought I could just write it down and when the baby was born he would slide right into my cleaning schedule. I could get the house clean and the meals prepped while my sweet baby napped. Can […]

An Inside Look At Life With The ADHD Housewife

Life with the ADHD housewife is never dull. I’ll admit that. But*** I firmly believe that my homemaking skills aren’t much different from my non-ADHD counterparts. Think about it -Your home looks different when you know nobody is going to see it. Neurotypical people rush around to get ready for guests, too. So on a […]

The Real Truth About ADHD And Clutter

I’m sick of talking about ADHD and clutter. Seriously, as my friend Rene’ Brooks pointed out on Twitter, organizational p*rn is rampant in the ADHD community. It’s ok to look at aspirational home content, but if it makes you feel bad about yourself there’s not no benefit. We spend hours on Pinterest, and we watch […]

Paperwork Clutter and ADHD Adults

  Paperwork Clutter and ADHD Adults. The two go together like chocolate and peanut butter. I have gone through periods of time where I didn’t open my mail for weeks. What happens when you don’t open your electric bill? It doesn’t get paid. And then a month later you get a letter in a brightly […]

Stop Wasting Time on To-Do Lists

  Stop wasting time with to-do lists. Just stop. To-do lists are generally quite long, because they are aspirational.  Long lists lead to overwhelm and inaction when you have ADHD. I should know, I used to make these super detailed to-do lists because I couldn’t depend on my working memory to recall what needed to […]

How To Prioritize Your Life

In the age of apps and instant messenger it is very difficult to figure out how to prioritize your life. On top of the constant pull of technology, we with ADHD have a hard time prioritizing day-to-day tasks. So running a home, navigating a career, and raising children isn’t as intuitive for us. We need […]