Stop Wasting Time on To-Do Lists

  Stop wasting time with to-do lists. Just stop. To-do lists are generally quite long, because they are aspirational.  Long lists lead to overwhelm and inaction when you have ADHD. I should know, I used to make these super detailed to-do lists because I couldn’t depend on my working memory to recall what needed to […]

How To Prioritize Your Life

In the age of apps and instant messenger it is very difficult to figure out how to prioritize your life. On top of the constant pull of technology, we with ADHD have a hard time prioritizing day-to-day tasks. So running a home, navigating a career, and raising children isn’t as intuitive for us. We need […]

Master Your Habits (Even with ADHD)

  There are tons of posts out there screaming at you, How to Master Your habits with ADHD, or something similar. In the words of Gretchen Rubin, “Habits eliminate the need for self control.” But I’ve begun to question whether an ADHD adult forms habits in the same way as a neurotypical adult. In my […]

Meal Planning for an ADHD Mom

Meal planning for an ADHD mom is what I would call a, “situation.”  I get emails about meal planning more than anything else. For ADHD moms, it’s tough to balance healthy eating, planning ahead, and then listening to a houseful of picky eaters complain. If you’ve ever spent hours prepping and preparing a new recipe […]

How To Stock Your Pantry

I am opinionated about a few things, so I’m gonna be honest and tell you that food, and how you should stock your pantry – is definitely one of them. When I say I am opinionated about food, it’s not just because I am living with ADHD. I am writing about stocking a pantry and […]

The Busy Mom’s Guide to Meal Planning

Meal planning is tough for everyone. Even those without ADHD. If you are familiar with my website you have already noticed that I am big into budgeting, stocking a pantry, and planning ahead. I wasn’t always this obsessed. It actually started because I was fielding all kinds of questions whenever I told someone in my […]

A New Way to Think About ADHD and Organization

ADHD and organization – it’s a topic we can all relate to! Myself included. **This is a guest post from one of my favorite people, Jaclyn Paul! Jaclyn’s website ADHD Homestead was one of the first websites I found when I was trying to start A Dose of Healthy distraction. Her research and writing remains […]