5 Insider Secrets To Clean Your Kitchen Fast

This post contains affiliate links please see my full disclosure. This post was made possible by ThinkCrucial.com     Some people say that the kitchen is the heart of a home. After all, this is where food that will nourish your family is prepared. Right? Well…yes and no. When you have ADHD, you are sometimes flying by […]

How To Prepare For Guests In A Flash

***This post was made possible by Vacuumjudge.com. I was compensated for my time.*** It’s game night. And you are hosting. Wait, what??? You just got back from violin lessons and football practice. How could it be game night already? Look…we all go through it, especially if we’re parents, let alone working parents. There’s so much […]

5 Steps To A Simplified Home Management System

This post is not a sponsored post but it does contain affiliate links. Please see my full disclosure.   My neighbor is a supermom. She has three children and her husband is an emergency medicine physician. Standing at the bus stop the other day she told me she never knows when her husband will be […]

The Truth About Why Routines Fail

  Everyone talks about time management and morning routines. Take a look at Pinterest. There are pins and blog posts about how to structure your day and manage your time. Even I have written on how to use Google for block scheduling, and how to block out your time at work. Most of the advice […]

The Real Truth About ADHD And Clutter

Every person I know with ADHD has some issue with clutter. Clutter exists in the mind as well as the environment.   The other day I posted this picture on Instagram of a paper bag overflowing with crap. I had cleaned out my office two weeks prior and when I arrived home I dropped the […]

The Best Cleaning Products

I am not a fabulous housekeeper. There are clutter piles in my living room. My hair covers the bathroom floor. And there are definitely dust bunnies under my furniture. Cleaning is one of those things that I consider a “should.” And we all know that, “shoulds” are no fun. I should vacuum the cat litter […]

Kitchen Organization for ADHD Adults

Why is the kitchen the area of the house that seems to get the most cluttered? I kept asking myself this question a few weeks ago. For many families, the kitchen is the gathering place. It’s where we eat, talk, and even argue. Kitchens also have lots of hiding spaces for clutter in drawers and […]

Paperwork Organization For ADHD Adults

Paperwork clutter is a huge problem for most adults. When you add a diagnosis of ADHD into the mix things can get a little crazy. I have gone through periods of time where I didn’t open my mail for weeks. Luckily, nothing terrible happened, and I didn’t miss any important bills. I got lucky, but […]

Fifty Super Fast House Cleaning Tasks

Cleaning is for the birds! I mean, we all have to do it, but I don’t know anyone who wants to spend hours every day cleaning. Well, maybe my Grandmother. She genuinely enjoys it. I prefer to clean in short bursts, focusing on one domain each day. Check out the post above and you will […]