ADHD Coaching Is Really Worth Your Time and Money

ADHD Coaching is really worth your time and money I could give you at least three excuses for why I have never tried to work with an ADHD Coach.

First, I have always assumed that coaching is outside of my price range.

Second, I have always wanted to handle things myself. Because that works so well. (insert sarcasm.)

Third, I thought having a coach would be time consuming, another obligation on my calendar.

The problem with all of my excuses is just that, they are excuses.

If you can believe it, I have spent money on business coaching and community building coaching for this website. Big money actually.

So why do I have such a hard time seeing that an ADHD coach is worth my time and money? If you can figure out the answer to this question email me.

This is why ADHD coaching is really worth your time and money


I have been working indirectly with a coach for a year

Over the last year I have become friendly with Jennie  Friedman from See in ADHD.

Initially she invited me to be on her podcast, which was a blast! After that I recorded again and then again, and then we became friends.

Jennie has a really soothing voice. She makes me think about things in ways I never have before. I start talking and then all of a sudden she responds and I’m like “yes, that is exactly what I am doing!”

It’s like she reads my mind. Except she makes me feel like I came up with the solution.

Jennie is basically coaching me. I just didn’t realize it until last week.

She is already part of our Facebook Group , and she loves getting to know women with ADHD and leading them to a more peaceful, fulfilling life

ADHD Coaches Have Specific Training

What separates ADHD coaches from life coaches is that they have training and education about the neurobiological basis of ADHD.

They actually know the chemical underpinnings of what is going on in our brains. These coaches are not going to give you the same feedback that a neurotypical person would get, because they are trained to work with your brain.

Can you imagine how helpful it is to have someone to talk to that “gets it?” A really good coach will improve your sense of self by capitalizing on your strengths.

The Right Coach will “click” with you

You know how sometimes you get to talking to someone and then they say something that fits you completely?

It feels like they read your mind. Well that is how coaching is supposed to work.

But then, sometimes people click and sometimes they don’t. A good coach will “click” with you.  If the click isn’t happening they will not feel threatened.

In fact, they will guide you toward the right resources. Some coaches might be more strategy driven and others might be more big-picture driven.

You have to figure out what type of coach works for you.

Coaching gives you outside accountability

If you are working with your coach to change some of your not-so-positive habits, he or she can help you to stay accountable.

Many coaches are willing to send reminders via text/email for accountability purposes.  You may also be asked to keep a journal or other written diary of your progress toward your goals.

Accountability is a big deal whether you are trying to be more generally productive or work toward a specific goal.

For many of us, the only thing that puts a burner under our butt is knowing somebody is going to check in on us.

For example, as I write this I know that I have to talk to Jennie tomorrow and she will ask me if I have made any progress. So yeah. I am making progress.

A Coach asks Questions

ADHD coaches will not just ask general yes or no questions. They will ask you questions that make you think. Question that are a little scary sometimes because they leave us open to criticism or shame.

Don’t worry, your coach will not shame you.  (If they do get a new coach.)

A Coach can prompt us with the right questions and this often leads to a breakthrough. We are able to see more angles than just our own – which is kind of skewed sometimes anyway.

Overall I have enjoyed getting to know my coach, and getting to know myself immensely.

To recap- working with an ADHD coach is an opportunity to add to your toolbox and help yourself.

No more making excuses or believing you do not deserve to feel confident in our own abilities.

We all deserve the feeling of satisfaction that comes from creating your own success through hard work and an open mind.

For more information check out my ADHD Coaching Corner group.

This is so much more than a Facebook group – it is a private membership community offering small group ADHD coaching from a certified coach.

If you are an introvert like me, and you want to talk with someone who “gets it”, but you do not have the money for coaching, check out MY PERSONAL SERVICES.

I consider myself more of an ADHD lifestyle mentor and support system. I like to listen, ask questions and learn about you as a person. Then we can brainstorm together!

Hope to see you there!  Have you ever considered working with an ADHD coach? What are your objections to doing so?

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