ADHD Experts You Need To Know

ADHD experts

Newly diagnosed with ADHD?

Here is a list of ADHD Experts You Need To Know.

4.4% of the US adult population is living with ADHD. But less than 20% of these individuals actually seek help (source)

I have been contemplating writing a guide to ADHD experts for some time. But I was having trouble deciding where to start.

There are hundreds of blogs and websites about ADHD. Some do a ton of research and work to collaborate with the, “people in the know.” I’ve always wanted to have more of an educational website so I write in that style.

While others are more lifestyle based, like a personal blog.

Whatever your reading preferences – make sure that the information you get about ADHD is based in science. You should see citations for sources on a legitimate website. Or at least some links to adda and CHADD.

Reading all the emails asking me for help made me even more overwhelmed.

How can I decide? Where do I start? Who should I recommend?

My draft of this post was roughly 4000 words so I scrapped it.

This list of experts is my no means comprehensive – but it is a carefully cultivated list of researchers and people who genuinely care about the ADHD community and do fantastic work therein.

This is my Non-Fancy But Very Comprehensive List of ADHD Experts I Like to Cyberstalk.

ADHD experts you need to know



The ADHD Expert list is a downloadable pdf. I made it black and white so it is also easily printable.

If you are newly diagnosed and looking for answers, this is it.

So the next time somebody asks you a rude question about ADHD, you can arm yourself with information.

When it comes to ADHD, knowledge is power.



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