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Identity, Boundaries and Communication

Recently I sat down to talk identity, boundaries and communication with ADHD coach Samantha Cooper.

I first met Samantha on Instagram, and I immediately liked her quiet but informed vibe. In social media land often the loudest mouth wins. So I was really excited when I noticed she would be presenting at this year’s Annual ADHD Conference in Philadelphia.

While coaching clients Samantha utilizes her ADDCA coach training, positive psychology, and her background in public health and epidemiology. And yes, Samantha also has ADHD.

She calls her business Unconventional Minds Coaching – because everything about her background and her style is unconventional. In the best possible way!

Samantha is the only coach I’ve met who takes an interest in social justice and improving wellness inequities. She is open to, and has worked with clients who have (or have had) unconventional, non-normative, and/or marginalized experiences and identities, including:

During our conversation I came to the conclusion that intersectionality NEEDS to be discussed more within the ADHD and coaching communities.

Listen in as we discuss:

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Link to Samantha’s Coaching Website and Services

Link to Samantha on Instagram

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