ADHD men struggle too

ADHD men

I usually write about ADHD women, but as I have branched out into this podcast I’ve had the opportunity to meet more people. And I’ve started to notice that ADHD men struggle, too. We just aren’t talking about it.

Until I got to know Marc Almodovar, I had not even considered how hard it is for men and boys to talk about the inherent struggles of life with ADHD.

I’d received messages from men, and talked to a few of them one-on-one. But most of those conversations were around the  way ADHD affects their relationships. We barely touched on what it feels like to be a man with ADHD.

We do not teach our boys how to express  and work through negative emotions.

And we certainly do not encourage our sons to ask for help in school, or socially.

As the mother of a boy with both ADHD and Autism, this is concerning to me.

We are starting to talk more about the damaging effects of toxic masculinity on our young men.

As a society, we need to start looking at mental health for boys starting in elementary school. It’s one thing to diagnose a little boy with ADHD and give him some medication – but we need to provide more emotional support.

And we need to make it socially acceptable for parents to seek help for their sons. So that when they grow into men, they know it’s ok to ask for help.

Marc Almodovar is willing to have these conversations. He believes in telling his own story, and empowering other men to share theirs.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Marc’s personal ADHD story

  • Going to therapy

  • Mindfulness and meditation with ADHD

  • Taking care of your physical health

  • Vulnerability, and asking for help

  • Creating community for ADHD men

  • ADHD/life coaching

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