About Liz

are you a woman living with ADHD?

You do NOT have to hustle or, “try harder” to have a great life with ADHD!


You just need a better support system.


You may be wondering – Who is this chic?

I’m glad you asked. I’m Liz Lewis. My clients call me a consultant, or a community leader, or sometimes an ADHD strategist. But I don’t care that much about the label.

I’ve been researching and learning about ADHD for 5 years, and I’ve been showing other ADHD women how to apply that information.

I’ve been a teacher, a paralegal, and a tutor.  I now run a private membership for ADHD women, while creating written and podcast content in my, “spare” time.

I do work I’m passionate about with clients I love. My favorite thing to do is to sit in small groups of women and talk about LIFE. And how to make it better.

I believe in transparency and accessibility of ADHD support.

Do I know everything about ADHD? NOPE. But I know a lot. And I’m constantly forming collaborations with experts in the field so I can learn more.

I’m passionate about showing ADHD women the path toward a calmer,  more satisfying, more connected life through the power of community.

I’m not into chasing social media followers or guerrilla marketing tactics.

I know you are working your a$$ off but you still feel like you are treading water.

Take a breath and relax, because I have a secret to share.

There is no, “right way” to manage ADHD. You can’t fix it, either. AND you shouldn’t feel ashamed and hide it.

Coaches are telling you to, “invest” $2000+ in personal growth.

Facebook groups are pulling you in to commiserate all day and talk about how hard it is.

Your doctor is telling you to take your medication and see a therapist. (I actually agree with this one.)

You are unique. So is your set of ADHD challenges. 


You deserve the space to learn, grow, and connect with other women in a way that honors your unique situation, instead of making you feel like crap.

That’s why I created a private community, so you can address the whole picture of YOU.

You deserve to feel connected to a larger community of women who get you.

You deserve to have a soft place to land when you need it. (That doesn’t steal your personal info and sell it to the highest bidder.)

Being part of a community is purposeful and fun! And that is what I do best.

When I’m not working you can find me at home with my husband and nine year-old ADHD/Aspergers son. I’m usually drinking coffee, listening to podcasts, or working out. Sometimes all at the same time.

Other nerdy facts:

  • I drink a lot of seltzer. So much seltzer that I tell people, “If you’re having trouble finding me follow the trail of seltzer cans.”
  • I prefer to eat out of a bowl, not sure why
  • I dislike regular bras so I wear sports bras all the time
  • I don’t do well with small talk, so people notice my resting b-tch face

Any other questions? Don’t hesitate to email me. My inbox is always open.