Crush Your Limiting Beliefs

Before I launched the ADHD Enclave I spent approximately three years working through my own limiting beliefs. And when I say working through, I mean talking to therapists and a coach who both helped me to get my head on straight. My fears ranged from practical to totally paranoid. Here are some of them: Nobody […]

Letting Go and Moving On

When you title something letting go and moving on, it sounds sort of sad. But really this is not a sad post. It’s not a post about ADHD either. Or at least, not directly. If you’d rather listen, here is the recorded version. We with ADHD often see things in black and white ways, so […]

How To Beat The Negative Thought Vortex

You can beat the negative thought vortex of ADHD, you just need to understand why it’s happening and what you can do about it. Life with ADHD can be challenging.  Am I right? It is very common for ADHD women to struggle with negative self-talk and emotional regulation. I myself struggle with this. Not only […]

ADHD And The Need For Control

 ADHD and Control. This is the thing – With ADHD we often feel like we cannot control ourselves. So some of us search for things we can control. When I was eleven my stepfather died unexpectedly, and my mother was thrust into single parenthood. As such she sought help with her two children, and my brother […]

5 Terrific Reasons To Start A Journal

  * This post may contain affiliate links. Journaling isn’t a new concept for most of us. But the idea of starting one and then keeping up with it is a bit daunting. And don’t even mention that whole Bullet Journal craze. I can’t do it. Too complicated. I’m more of a brain dump kinda […]

You Are Not Who You Think You Are

Yes – you read that correctly: You are not who you think you are. you’re more But I also know you are living with ADHD and trying really hard to “pass” for normal. Whatever normal is. This struggle to appear normal always makes me think of the following quote: “It’s funny about ‘passing.’ We disapprove […]

My Struggle with Weight, Body Image and ADHD

Women with ADHD have a complicated relationship with food. Actually, most of the women I know have a complicated relationship with food. Sharing my story is part of my attempt to heal and be honest about my personal history. My Struggle With Weight, Body Image and ADHD I was in college and away from home, […]