Surviving the Emotional Tornado of ADHD

The emotional tornado of ADHD is a real thing. It has always been there but we’ve just started talking about more it in recent years. You’ve probably read about emotional dysregulation or rejection sensitive dysphoria at this point, and you might have recognized the symptoms in yourself. But what about the tornado of emotions that […]

Support for ADHD Women and Mothers

ADHD women and mothers need support and connection. And we often don’t get it. You can list your flaws and mistakes. You know have to tear yourself down. You might even be good at maintaining a sense of humor about all of it. Anyone else collect funny ADHD memes? You’ve probably joined some of the […]

ADHD Experts You Need To Know

Newly diagnosed with ADHD? Here is a list of ADHD Experts You Need To Know. 4.4% of the US adult population is living with ADHD. But less than 20% of these individuals actually seek help (source) I have been contemplating writing a guide to ADHD experts for some time. But I was having trouble deciding […]

Mindfulness for ADHD Women

I admit it, I was a skeptic about  mindfulness for ADHD women. Well I was a skeptic about mindfulness in general. So like any good research nerd I set out to learn more. In one 2008 study 78% of participants who practiced mindful awareness reported a reduction in their ADHD symptoms. In fact, at the […]

Using Self-Talk For Better Emotional Management

Self-talk is essential for better emotional management with ADHD. Self-talk is also one of the most overlooked, and underappreciated tools we have to scaffold our executive function deficits. Basically, your brain needs a little more dopamine, and you need the dopamine to travel across the neurons more efficiently. Without proper suffusion of dopamine we are […]

Shame, Anxiety and Worthiness with ADHD

  Shame, anxiety, and worthiness are recurrent themes in the conversations I have with my private support group. I’m sure you’ve heard of Brene Brown, everyone has. I picked up a copy of The Gifts of Imperfection a while back, and I took my time reading it. Then I read it again. (affiliate link, see […]

What I Learned About Women’s Hormones & ADHD

This is what I learned about women’s hormones and ADHD: A woman’s hormones are as individual as the ADHD diagnosis itself. Turning 40 is no joke. I should know, because I recently visited my obgyn where we discussed not only my impending mammogram, but also my fluctuating hormones. You know what I mean. If you […]

Wonderful Websites for Women with ADHD

  **** Updated March 2019. This post contains affiliate links.   I am finally updating this post. Wonderful Websites for Women with ADHD, is an adjunct to my list of ADHD Experts. ADHD Experts That You Should Cyberstalk  If you are a woman living with ADHD, parenting a child with ADHD, or just want to […]

ADHD Is Not An Excuse

  Ever heard someone say, “ADHD is an excuse?”  Me too. And yes, it’s infuriating. Here is my list of Classy Comebacks to rude comments. We won’t even go into all the reasons why the above statement is inaccurate. Usually the people that say it are the ones struggling with their own ADHD symptoms and […]

How To Overcome Perfectionism When You Have ADHD

  **This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase I may be paid a small commission. Did you know that women with ADHD can be, and often are, perfectionists!? I’ve done a startling amount of research on ADHD in women and I have become particularly interested in how we can better manage our […]