4 Huge Reasons Why Facebook Is the Worst for ADHD

ADHD and Facebook are not a good combination. In fact, after some research I’ve become convinced that Facebook is pretty much the worst thing for ADHD…ever. Just to be clear, I use Facebook to communicate with friends and family and to house two different groups. (for now) I’ve written about executive function for years, and […]

ADHD And The Need For Control

 ADHD and Control. This is the thing – With ADHD we often feel like we cannot control ourselves. So some of us search for things we can control. When I was eleven my stepfather died unexpectedly, and my mother was thrust into single parenthood. As such she sought help with her two children, and my brother […]

Is Procrastination Related To ADHD?

  I was going to write an article about the ADHD brain and procrastinating. But then I thought, “Nah, I need to keep researching and reading, then I’ll be ready.” So I kept researching and reading. While doing so I had the opportunity to hear Dr. Kim Kensington of procrastinationdoctor.com do an interview during the Women’s […]

Your Guide To Emotional Management With ADHD

    Emotional management is not something you are born with. And people with ADHD often feel emotions more intensely than others. Source Up until the age of about three, we are completely dependent on our parents to regulate for us. Development of self-regulation skills continues throughout our childhood and into our early 20’s. But […]

5 Terrific Reasons To Start A Journal

  * This post may contain affiliate links. Journaling isn’t a new concept for most of us. But the idea of starting one and then keeping up with it is a bit daunting. And don’t even mention that whole Bullet Journal craze. I can’t do it. Too complicated. I’m more of a brain dump kinda […]

Is ADHD Coaching and Support Right For You?

I provide ADHD group coaching and support. Consequently, this post is probably a really bad business move for me. Working with clients, I have seen two basic attitudes about life with ADHD. Some of us immediately jump in and make the best of it. (coaching, therapy, education) While others become overwhelmed and stuck looking for […]

Your Top 5 ADHD Questions Answered

I get emails. Lots and lots of emails. Every day. Mostly from women, but I do get some from men as well. Almost every one of these emails contains a question about ADHD. Some ask several questions because the information they seek is not always easy to find. I love researching and answering, but unfortunately, […]

8 Ideas To Supercharge Your Productivity At Work

  I have received more than a few emails from women struggling with ADHD symptoms while at work. I desperately want to see my ADHD girlfriends find success in work and in life. In light of this I am offering my suggestions for you to supercharge your productivity in the workplace almost immediately. Be On […]

I Started A Blog For ADHD Women

  In early 2015 I was desperate to form a community for ADHD women. I wanted something different from what I was finding all over Facebook. I wanted an educational resource with a positive spin, so I started researching like a crazy person. While reading Terry Matlen’s Book, and then Sari Solden’s book, I started […]