If You Aren’t Reading You Aren’t Learning

if you aren't reading you aren't learning

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When it is this cold outside I have no desire to leave the house. If I didn’t have to go to work I wouldn’t. As you know I order some of my groceries online so I minimize my trips to the grocery store. I prefer to stay at home in my pajamas with my books piled up around me.

Reading is so good for our ADHD brains I figure it might be the best way to pass the winter. Not only that, but when I read I always have something to talk about when I am feeling awkward at a social gathering.

Since this is the year of self-improvement we need to keep learning and growing. The best way I have found to learn while still maintaining my winter hibernation is by reading.

if you aren’t reading you aren’t learning

I took it upon myself to come up with a list of books. Some I have read some I have not. All are available on Amazon.

Books to make you think

Nothing better than some inspirational reading. I just read an article on Thinking Big. Here is some reading material to help you do just that. Or at least to help you think about the world outside of yourself.

You have to use your imagination to get through a piece of literature. Imagination is important. So many of us lose the ability to think creatively as the responsibilities of life pile on top of us. A tale spun by someone else is the perfect antidote to being snowed in.

If you aren't reading you aren't learning


In case you haven’t notice I read a lot of parenting books. Insecurity on my part? Perhaps. But all the same I am going to keep reading. I want to be the best parent I can be. Hopefully my child won’t need as many years of therapy as I did.

Personal finance

I do ok in this arena, but I know that many Americans are struggling right now. Here are some options.

So lets do this. Lets read a few pages every day, hunker down and get through the winter.

You with me?

Any book recommendations?

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