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ADHD women

In early 2015 I was desperate to form a community for ADHD women.

I wanted something different from what I was finding all over Facebook. I wanted an educational resource with a positive spin, so I started researching like a crazy person.

While reading Terry Matlen’s Book, and then Sari Solden’s book, I started to see a gap in the support and information available for women. (Affiliate links. See my full disclosure.)

There were authors, therapists, and doctors writing about ADHD – but no normal moms like me!

Blogging seemed like an easy entry point, and I just wanted to START. So I put up a sloppy website and posted some junk.

I thought I could attract other ADHD women by writing from my heart and sharing my life lessons. This proved to be quite naive.

In order to serve people, and actually build the community I craved, I would have to be more than a blogger.

I had to control my own judgment, master my mindset, and above all listen.

When you write about a topic like mental health, it’s hard to generate the kind of traffic you need to actually make more than $.02 an hour.

The realization that I didn’t want to be “just a blogger” came over me slowly.

I’ve always known that under the right circumstances and with enough passion for the subject I could create something. But what was that something?

This was all I could articulate:

I want to make an impact on the lives of ADHD women. And I think I can do it. 

i started a blog for adhd women

(here’s what i learned)

adhd women are individuals

As they say, “If you have met one person with ADHD/Autism, you have met one person.”

Every woman I talk to is different. Each has different struggles and each comes into it from a different angle. Some were diagnosed as young people, others not until they were over 50.

I like to get to know people really well, and I love hearing their stories.

I’m told one of my best qualities is listening – I really hear people. Sometimes I think I might also be an empath because I absorb so much of their emotional load.

Getting down into the messy stuff is the only way I know how to help. So if you work with me be prepared to get a little uncomfortable.

adhd women deserve to feel understood

Every morning I open my emails and try to respond to as many as I can. Apparently some of my articles have touched a nerve. In a good way of course. 🙂

Sometimes I get the sense that my inbox is the only place these women feel free to express their frustrations, and I am honored that they trust me so much. Sign up for email support coming January 2019.

In my larger Facebook group anything goes – as long as the posts aren’t bullying or completely off topic.

I like to think my groups, both public and private, allow ADHD women to feel heard and understood.

adhd awareness and education is key

I’m a lifelong learner. So I read a lot and listen to as many ADHD webinars and podcasts as I can.

But for me to really serve my community, I need to take it further.

I’ve attended the Annual International Conference on ADHD for the last two years.

I do this because I LOVE hearing the presenters and gathering new knowledge and information about ADHD. Sitting in those crowded rooms taking notes I am completely in my zone.

The conference also forces me to network, which is very tough with my social anxiety issues.

The upside to forcing myself out of my little shell is that I can actually learn from some of the most amazing researchers out there. I’ve had the opportunity to learn from Terry Matlen, Ari Tuckman, Sari Solden…and many more.

While I cannot call every one of them a, “friend”, I am happy to soak up their presence.

When it comes to managing ADHD, awareness is key.

Check out my post about Dr. Russell Barkley’s keynote this year!

I have to make (and spend) money

Money is a tough subject for me. Sales is not my forte.

Giving money away, or spending it on others is easier for me than asking for money. Perhaps it stems from my childhood? Or maybe it’s my insecurity over not having any letters after my name. (I’m not an LCSW, MSW, PhD, MD or anything else.)

Either way, my expenses to run this website exceed any small income I make from it.

I was forced to think really hard about what my goals were for myself and my family. And I had to admit that in order to provide the high-quality information I wanted to my readers and group members, I had to start making money.

So I started Coaching Corner with Jennie Friedman in January, 2017.

Jennie is an ADDCA certified coach – and she has generously shared her knowledge with me.

The women in CC have taught me more than any professor I had in college. I love them all!

I recently built us our own private community, called The ADHD Enclave!

And I’ve added weekly original content, and a monthly ADHD Mastermind.

Learn more about The ADHD Enclave!


I’m working to create some inexpensive educational resources for women with ADHD. I hope to add these to the Shop HealthyADHD Store soon.

connection is important

As much as I am an introvert I still crave connection with my tribe. This is probably what keeps me going on my worst days.

Currently we meet 4 times per week on zoom. Sometimes we body double and get work done, other times we chat. The only time I feel satisfied and accomplished is when I talk to my girls.

We take what we need and give what we can to each other.

It feels amazing to be vulnerable and use my personal struggles to inspire and change the lives of other women. ADHD emotions are overwhelming sometimes, and we really are stronger together.

Most of 2018 was spent developing an emotional management program which I call Feel Better Fast.

Check out FBF on Teachable!


So much has changed over the last three years, and yet my goal is exactly the same.

I want to make an impact on the lives of ADHD women. And I think I can do it. 

The path has been long, circuitous, and expensive.

but know this: you were worth the wait. 


Click here If you are interested in working with me. 

Or join my email list. I like to keep it informational, inspirational…and fun!




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