Getting Things Done With ADHD

Getting Things Done with ADHD will never be easy.  However, you can develop strategies to help yourself do more of the things that really matter to you. In the spring if this year I bought Dr Russ Ramsay’s new book Rethinking Adult ADHD: Helping Clients Turn Intentions Into Actions. (affiliate link. See my full disclosure) As […]

The Book of Mistakes

The Book of Mistakes is not a book about business. It’s a book about living with purpose. We go through life focused on meeting the expectations of the outside world, without much thought about our own expectations. Skip Prichard uses storytelling to show the reader that success is the inevitable result of living a life […]

Book Review: What Could Go Wrong?

Book review: What could go wrong?   I thought it would be fun, and much faster, to do a video review. This book is not your ordinary parenting book – there is no, “do this, don’t do that.” Grayson writes about the stuff of life with humor and grace. I really enjoyed it.   Warning: […]

Book Review: The Golden Sequence

Jonni Pollard is best known for his meditation business, 1 Giant Mind, and his app, Learn Meditation. In his first book, Pollard explains that the modern way of living is far removed from our evolutionary past – and causes us to seek out distractions and ways of self-medicating to ease our internal conflict. This inner […]

A Parent’s Guide To Teen Addiction

What do the following words all have in common? Baby, Bernice, Charlie, Dream, Florida Snow, Girlfriend, King, Monster, and Society High. They are all different ways to say cocaine. Perhaps I am just old school, but I really had no idea the amount of lingo out there around drugs and drug use. The comprehensive nature […]

Book Review: Be The Parent, Please

  I am an example of the “typical” American parent. Fully aware of the research on television, I still allow my child to watch a show so that I can get other things done. In fact, when he was an infant I often watched television while he nursed. But I am learning as I go, […]

The Mindfulness Prescription For Adult ADHD

I am not first person with ADHD to be skeptical about mindfulness, meditation and all that it involves. If you read my article on learning to meditate with ADHD you already know I have completely changed my thinking on the topic. These days meditation is a normal part of my day. Not that I am […]

Book Review: The Whole-Brain Child

I decided to do this review on video for a change of pace. Let me know what you think. Book Review: The Whole-Brain Child   So that is my book review of The Whole-Brain Child! Definitely think it is worth a read if you are always looking to improve your parenting. Here is my affiliate […]