Coaching with Liz

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Shut up about the ADHD thing for a hot minute.

(Yes I’m serious.)

Don’t worry, nothing bad will happen if you allow yourself to breathe. All that’ll happen is that you’ll get to think about YOU, instead of the ADHD.

I once had a therapist tell me, “You can’t see the full picture when you’re inside the frame.”

You cannot think your way through ADHD, and sometimes the lines between YOU as a person, and the ADHD get blurry. It’s very easy to define yourself by your struggles and forget there’s more to you than a list of symptoms.

coaching with liz


I help ADHD women step outside the frame and look at the whole picture of who they are.

As with a painting – there are things in the foreground that are very noticeable, there are details in the background that also catch your eye, and there are also a myriad of smaller fine points. What makes it beautiful is all of it together.

I want to coach you, not your list of perceived problems, failures or faults. Which is why I want to talk about more than just ADHD.

My areas of interest:

  • ADHD Women (or those who identify as)
  • ADHD Mothers
  • Child free by choice
  • Problematic relationships with mothers/FOO
  • Emotional reactivity
  • Values-based time management/priorities
  • ADHD basics

The Deets:

  • Standard sessions are 60 minutes. We can use zoom, cameras on or off.
  • Voxer messaging is encouraged throughout the week so we can continue to collaborate.
  • Coaching is pre-paid per month.
  • Each month includes 3 weekly sessions.
  • The current monthly rate is $250. (I am still in coach training)
  • I ask clients to commit to 2 months initially. Most clients stay with me 2-3 months.
  • There is no limit to how long we continue.

Please submit your info on the contact form, and I’ll respond ASAP.

I’m currently scheduling 4-6 weeks out for new clients.

If you’re interested in affordable small-group or peer coaching check out the Enclave.