Creative Gift Ideas For The Men In Your Life

gift ideas for the men in your life

Every year my husband and I fill each other’s stockings.

While this is very practical, it is not much fun to get a bunch of gum, razors and deodorant on Christmas morning. Last year I gave him some cookies too, but it was still kind of boring.

Then the Hubs went outside of our tradition and bought me tickets to a live show at a local theater.

This got me thinking, what could I do to surprise him?

I am not much of a shopper these days. I prefer to shop mostly online to avoid the crowds and stress of the holiday season.

So I went on a search for some useful, but fun gifts that the Hubs (and hopefully your partners) will enjoy.  All of which are available online. Please see my full disclosure.

Creative gift ideas for the men in your life


6 pack insulated beer tote, in case he wants to share with friends.


The beard ninja (This made me laugh!)

Upgraded Laptop Backpack (For the Dad on the go!)

Cord Taco – for when you have multiple devices.

Leather Catchall Tray. This looks good sitting right on top of the dresser or even on a desk.

A new Beanie – Gotta love a man in a beanie!

Warm Layers – for when you are shoveling snow but you still want to look good.

Original Cards gainst Humanity
If you have never played this game you must start! There are now several add-on sets of cards available.

Again, these are affiliate links. Please see my full disclosure policy.

Table Topics

Other ideas

Not everyone is as obsessed with Amazon as I am. So here are some recommendations straight from the Hubs.

If he is a beer lover sign him up for:  Tavour

It’s like a shopping service for specialty beers. You can hand-select bottles and add them to your cart. Tavour is a great place to find small-batch, rare brews.

I also recommend Home Wet Bar on Etsy.

I purchased a personalized growler from them and he loves it!

creative gift ideas for the men in your life

Home Wet Bar Link


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