Your Game Plan for A Stress Free House Cleaning Schedule

your game plan for a stress free cleaning schedule

If you were to list your favorite activities, what would be at the top?

Hmmmm mine would include reading, exercising, browsing Amazon Prime…. cleaning is not on the list. Not even in the top ten.

Do you know anyone who enjoys cleaning?

For some people cleaning is therapeutic and helps them to clear their head and make decisions. Cleaning is repetitive, so I can see how the muscle movement might be soothing.

But making a list of all of the cleaning tasks that need to be done in a single week makes my head spin. If I attempt to break it down into too many categories I’ll freak out. If I don’t break it down I will never be able to decide on the steps I need to take.

When I feel overwhelmed I become avoidant and then I do nothing.

Can you relate to this overwhelmed feeling when it comes to cleaning?

Well, I have news for you.

The key to managing house cleaning is to separate your home into manageable domains including kitchen, living areas, bedrooms, bathrooms and general maintenance.

As crazy as it sounds, this is working and I feel a sense of control for the first time in ages.

Your Game Plan For A Stress-Free House Cleaning Schedule


First, use the above domains, and reserve general maintenance for laundry, paper sorting and tidying.  Since there are 5 domains choose days of the week to focus on each.

It’s so simple it makes you wonder why more people don’t try it.



Cleanliness in the kitchen is actually kind of important. I mean we don’t want to end up sick or make someone else sick. So once a week we should try to do a deep clean.

This does not have to be totally overwhelming. Particularly if you have an Evening Routine that involves some basic cleanup.

Once a week, I like to move all my counter top appliances around and clean underneath them. You would not believe how many food particles and coffee grounds can collect in just one week. I don’t take a lot of time to do this, just a quick swipe with my Clorox wipes and it’s done.

Sometimes (not always) I wipe down the shelves in my fridge – again not spending a ton of time, just making sure there aren’t any food spills or sticky spots.

Since I vacuum my floors routinely, cleaning my kitchen floor is not a separate task on my kitchen day. But you certainly could include floors.

Whatever you do, do not spend more than an hour.


Living Spaces

Every week on Saturday I vacuum the animal hair from both of my home’s living spaces. If you don’t have pets or children you might not need to vacuum every week. But I would start with the floors either way.

If I am particularly motivated I might Swiffer the kitchen floor or use wood cleaner on my living room floor. I certainly do not do this every week as it requires a level of cleaning dedication that I do not possess.

When cleaning a living space I like to use Swiffer dusters because they are inexpensive and safe to use on most surfaces. Yes, I use a ton of Swiffer products so you are not imagining that.

Dusting, vacuuming and floors is pretty much it. I don’t fluff pillows or clean windows on a regular basis.



Bedrooms can be tricky. Personally I have a bad habit of leaving piles of clothing all over the place. So much so that I often have to move the piles just to clean the floor.

Change all of the sheets in your house on the same day. You don’t have to launder them that day, but you should probably stick to changing them all at once. Changing sheets is so annoying, right?

Also, change and other pocket “stuff” tends to accumulate in the bedroom. Do yourself a favor and clean up all those little items once per week so the top of your dresser doesn’t look like mine.

Keep your bedroom dust free so you sleep well. Change your sheets weekly and clean up your pocket junk. It really is that simple.



If your bathrooms are small like mine you can literally get on your hands and knees and be done in ten minutes. If you have a large bathroom use a mop and make that floor shine. You don’t even want to know what collects on the floors of your bathrooms.

Once a week it is also good to do a short scrub of your shower/tub area. I usually use Clorox Cleanup and a scrub brush. Again, I only spend a few minutes but I feel so much better when it’s done.

Wipe down the sink area with some disinfectant wipes and then clean the mirror with Windex. Boom! You’re done.

a stress free house cleaning schedule

General Maintenance

If you are doing the math then you will notice that you still have three days left in each week for general household tasks.  Check out  my post on laundry shortcuts  for my take on how to handle your family’s dirties.

Recently, I have begun to sort the mail on a daily basis instead of saving it up into a massive pile on my kitchen counter. Keep the paperwork sorting simple by separating into categories: kid stuff, bills/essentials, trash, and items you need to “hold” like magazines.

General decluttering should happen in short bursts, no more than 15 minutes at a time.

For a great resource on decluttering check out Sarah’s Ebook Step-by-Step Decluttering. I am not an affiliate, but I really respect her work.

If you feel like you need a checklist to help you assign your household Domains to specific days of the week download my pre-fab example. It is one page, designed to for you to glance and go.

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Keeping your house clean does not have to be stressful. We put so much pressure on ourselves to create the perfect home. As you know, there is no such thing as normal  when it comes to housekeeping.

Keys to a manageable cleaning schedule:

  • Divide your home into manageable domains.

  • Determine which domain you want to handle which day.

  • Come up with a game plan for each domain.

  • Relax.

Finally – do what you can, when you can.

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Now tell me, how do you like to plan out your house cleaning tasks?

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