Gratifying Gifts For Introverts


gratifying gifts for introverts

I am an introvert with ADHD. Which is actually not all that uncommon.

Socializing is not painful for me, but it is tiring. I need time alone to recharge.

Heck, I need time alone to stare into space. My brain needs frequent rest.

Luckily, the world is starting to take notice of us, “quiet” types.

Here is a gathering of some of my favorite ideas.

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gratifying gifts for introverts

Introvert Tshirt – This is perfect! I need one.


Introvert mugs. For me to drink mulled wine. Or hot chocolate with a little Baileys.

Introvert mug

Here is another very cute mug option! (from Etsy)

A journal – Journaling is tough. But I still think it is worth giving it a try. ADHD folks have a better chance of remembering things when we externalize our thoughts a bit.

If you are an introvert, it’s even more important to find a safe space.

Or join us in Coaching Corner – we are small and supportive! Introverts abound!



The world is starting to notice us! Susan Cain started a whole website and did a Ted talk. Learn more about the introvert tribe by reading.


introvert cel phone case

Cel Phone Case

This is just necessary for those of us who do not camp. Or hike. Or socialize in such places.

introvert computer skin

Computer decal from Society 6

Not an affiliate but should be. 🙂

party of one paper

Party of One Paper Products on Etsy

UGG slippers – perfect for the introvert who loves to be at home. Affiliate link.


Room Divider – for when you need a little distance. I wish I would have had one of these when I worked in that big law office years ago. Affiliate link.

Do Not Disturb sign – I need one of these in my house.

introvert's retreat

The Introvert’s Retreat from Crate Joy. This is not an affiliate, but I just adore this idea!

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