The One Man (ADHD) Sideshow

David Darwin is the one man ADHD sideshow. He’s an entertainer, magician, husband and father as well. Darwin stopped by and we discussed getting through public education, parenting, and sword-swallowing as a metaphor for ADHD. Because really, you cannot prove something is real to a person who doesn’t want to believe it. This is true in […]

From Chaos To Calm Even With ADHD

Episode 301 of the See in ADHD podcast gives you 5 simple (but not easy) tips to go from chaos to calm even with ADHD. For more info on increasing self-awareness, see this post. See this post on Emotional Management. The five strategies discussed include include: Identifying the difference between things you can control, and […]

Life Skills for ADHD Women

Jaclyn Paul and I sit down to discuss the necessary life skills for women with ADHD. What started out as a conversation about home organization, quickly led to so much more. The ADHD Homestead is one of my go-to resources for information and perspective on being a woman living with ADHD. In this recording we […]

Stop Making Excuses About ADHD

In this episode of the See in ADHD Podcast I go more in-depth about why we need to stop making excuses about ADHD. And also, why we need to stop using ADHD as an excuse. See the ADHD is not an excuse companion post here. Highlights include: Refusing to acknowledge or treat ADHD does not […]

Laura The ADHD Mama

Join Laura The ADHD Mama and I for a conversation about all things ADHD. Creating the career that works for you Making a living (or not) Coming back from failure Parenting with and for ADHD Medical Marijuana ADHD medication This is an honest, authentic conversation between two women who have a lot in common. Including our […]

ADHD and Facebook

ADHD and Facebook are not a good combination. In fact, after some research I’ve become convinced that Facebook is pretty much the worst thing for ADHD…ever. Just to be clear, I use Facebook to communicate with friends and family and to house two different groups. (for now) I’ve written about executive function for years, and […]

ADHD, Anxiety, and OCD

ADHD and OCD are not often discussed together. With ADHD we often feel like we cannot control ourselves. So some of us search for things we can control. My need for control is most evident in my obsessions and compulsions around food. Yes, I have disordered eating behaviors. And I’m working on it. This post […]

Who Is Liz Lewis?

Hi -my name is Liz Lewis. Otherwise known as HealthyADHD.   I started this website, but when my friend Jennie asked me if I wanted to take over her podcast I thought I should re-introduce myself. In 2015 I woke up one morning and decided that I wanted to build a community of women living with ADHD. […]

Another ADHD Podcast

I don’t want to have just another ADHD podcast. I really don’t. I mean I listen to all of the ADHD podcasts, and I enjoy them. But I never in a million years thought that I should start my own. Podcasts are for people who understand technology, and have smooth, calming voices. Thinking about all […]

Living With ADHD: Amy

Going forward I will be making short videos to discuss the work I do with clients. It seems more personal to do it this way, plus it saves me some time! Today’s video is about Amy, a young mother navigating life with ADHD while trying to be the best mom she can be. Oh and […]