My ADHD Story

  It seems like everyone I meet was diagnosed with ADHD as an adult. I was actually diagnosed in the 90’s.  So I’ve had knowledge of my diagnosis for a long time. But I didn’t always acknowledge that I had ADHD.  In fact, I only really accepted it after looking back at my personal history […]

Living with ADHD

Living With ADHD Christina’s Story   Why did you agree to speak with me? C: Well I thought it would help remove some of the stigma.   Oh well yeah..thank you! So many women email me and they are afraid to join even my secret group because they don’t want anyone to know. Thank you […]

Living With ADHD: Carmen

I first met Carmen in my original Facebook group. She was a regular poster and one of the first people to volunteer to talk with me about life with ADHD. She gave me a whole new perspective on Living with ADHD! Living With ADHD: Carmen   HealthyADHD:  How did you end up getting diagnosed? Carmen: […]

Living With ADHD: Elise

In the blogging world you hear a lot about influencers. Since I do not consider myself a blogger, I have a whole different group of influencers.  My community. After nearly 3 years of writing, researching and learning from women with ADHD I felt like it was time to tell some of their stories. I always […]