A Vacation Packing List Template

It is the end of summer, and I am just now creating a vacation packing list template. I know you are shocked at my lack of timeliness! <not> You see, every single year we go on vacation. And every single year I forget something, or many things, that are actually important to having an enjoyable […]

Gifts For Book Lovers

My son recently told me, “It’s hard to talk to you when you are reading.” I told him that is a good thing because it means my brain is working. And really, I need my brain to work as much as possible. I have written before about the the importance of reading. I also do book […]

Product Review: Make Over Your Mornings

As a whole, those of us with ADHD have trouble with routines. Sometimes we get bored and start to deviate from our planned routines. Other times we have issues putting together a routine to begin with. And then some of us just despise feeling like we are obligated or “supposed to” do anything. I get […]