What I Learned About ADHD in 2017

ADHD in 2017
When I was diagnosed in 1991, ADHD was a relatively new phenomenon.

My mother was a speech pathologist, so she had some knowledge of ADHD. But all of her experience centered around little boys.

My younger brother was extremely impulsive and physically hyperactive, so my mother began to suspect that he needed an evaluation.

When the psychologist told her that I too had ADHD, in her words, “you could have knocked me over with a feather.”

These days, I am still shocked by how few people recognize that women, both young and old, live with ADHD. It just doesn’t present the way we think it should.

I love researching ADHD, and I love talking about ADHD.

Over the last year I have gathered links to some of the most interesting research available on the topic, so I thought I would do my own year in review.

What I Learned about ADHD in 2017

ADHD is different in women

For those of us with ovaries, this is not surprising.

The world is starting to notice that girls with ADHD are not necessarily hyperactive and easy to spot. Sometimes they are quiet and withdrawn.

Unfortunately, untreated young women with ADHD can suffer with a variety of comorbid conditions including depression, anxiety and eating disorders.

I flew under the radar for a long time, but other girls should not have to suffer with this kind of shame and stress.

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The Woo-Woo stuff can help some people

For some of us, learning to meditate can help with our racing thoughts. I have found that the more time I spend breathing and listening to my thoughts, the slooooower they get.

Which does in fact make me feel better.

Exercise as a way to handle stress and extra energy is a well-known alternative treatment for ADHD. It certainly cannot hurt, right?

In the future I will be sharing my personal experiences with supplements and dietary changes.

I already wrote about intermittent fasting and the success I have had with that in terms of concentration and productivity.

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Parenting ADHD is tough

Parenting ADHD when you have ADHD is even tougher.

But there is support and information out there.

Educating yourself is the best thing you can do. Look to resources like ADDA and CHADD for the most accurate information.

Take parenting classes. Check out one of my favorite websites for more info. This is an affiliate link, please see my full disclosure policy.

Impact ADHD

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Collaboration When A Family has ADHD, Like Parent Like Child via Huffington Post

Online Parent Training Helps Kids With ADHD via Science Daily



Adults with ADHD need help, too

Living with ADHD is a lifestyle. It’s a bit whacky, but it is certainly a manageable lifestyle.

The problem lies in stigma, lack of understanding, and lack of treatment. So many people are running around undiagnosed and suffering.

They might not know they are suffering, but life could be so much better.

Imagine what it would be like to see the world clearly for the first time. It would be much like how I feel when I put in my contacts in the morning.

Clarity is an amazing thing. (But clarity doesn’t come out of nowhere, it takes action.)

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Medication is still controversial

Part of me has no idea why ADHD medication is so controversial.

Medication is one proven treatment for ADHD. ONE treatment.

Most of us that have ADHD also know that medication is just part of a larger treatment plan. Along with therapy and lifestyle changes, medication can be quite useful.

Yes, there are people that abuse ADHD medications. And there are people that use medication for years with absolutely no issues.

The controversy rages on.

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Irritability and ADHD Medications via Yale.edu

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You can live a fulfilling, successful life with ADHD

Anything worth doing is worth doing well. Same goes for life with ADHD.

Acknowledge that you have ADHD.

Educate yourself, and even more importantly, accept yourself.
There are so many amazing, creative people living with ADHD.

Check out Jessica McCabe’s Youtube Channel if you haven’t already.

I will explain later why I DO NOT see ADHD as a gift.

ADHD diagnosis does not mean you are dumb. It does not mean you are lazy, either.

The better you get at managing your emotions with ADHD, the better you will feel.

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