ADHD men struggle too

I usually write about ADHD women, but as I have branched out into this podcast I’ve had the opportunity to meet more people. And I’ve started to notice that ADHD men struggle, too. We just aren’t talking about it. Until I got to know Marc Almodovar, I had not even considered how hard it is […]

The One Man (ADHD) Sideshow

David Darwin is the one man ADHD sideshow. He’s an entertainer, magician, husband and father as well. Darwin stopped by and we discussed getting through public education, parenting, and sword-swallowing as a metaphor for ADHD. Because really, you cannot prove something is real to a person who doesn’t want to believe it. This is true in […]

Authoritative Parenting When Mom Has ADHD Too

I was not raised in an authoritative parenting environment. As I have mentioned my mom was a single parent, and she didn’t have much help. As a teenager I was grounded fairly often. Usually because I was unmotivated or behaving impulsively or just ignoring my parents completely. Grounding worked as a punishment for me because […]

From Chaos To Calm Even With ADHD

Episode 301 of the See in ADHD podcast gives you 5 simple (but not easy) tips to go from chaos to calm even with ADHD. For more info on increasing self-awareness, see this post. See this post on Emotional Management. The five strategies discussed include include: Identifying the difference between things you can control, and […]

Wonderful Websites for Women with ADHD

  **** Updated March 2019. This post contains affiliate links.   I am finally updating this post. Wonderful Websites for Women with ADHD, is an adjunct to my list of ADHD Experts. ADHD Experts That You Should Cyberstalk  If you are a woman living with ADHD, parenting a child with ADHD, or just want to […]

The Book of Mistakes

The Book of Mistakes is not a book about business. It’s a book about living with purpose. We go through life focused on meeting the expectations of the outside world, without much thought about our own expectations. Skip Prichard uses storytelling to show the reader that success is the inevitable result of living a life […]

Life Skills for ADHD Women

Jaclyn Paul and I sit down to discuss the necessary life skills for women with ADHD. What started out as a conversation about home organization, quickly led to so much more. The ADHD Homestead is one of my go-to resources for information and perspective on being a woman living with ADHD. In this recording we […]

8 Things All Moms With ADHD Understand

  Girls and women with ADHD are getting more press than ever before. There have been some really good articles written, all of which I have pinned. Women with ADHD are getting some serious street cred. Check out my post on Wonderful Website for Women with ADHD. Even with all of this new-found acknowledgement, moms […]

Stop Making Excuses About ADHD

In this episode of the See in ADHD Podcast I go more in-depth about why we need to stop making excuses about ADHD. And also, why we need to stop using ADHD as an excuse. See the ADHD is not an excuse companion post here. Highlights include: Refusing to acknowledge or treat ADHD does not […]