Changing the Narrative for ADHD Women

changing the narrative for ADHD women Part 1   Changing the narrative for ADHD women is complicated. Actually, changing the stories we tell ourselves is never easy, even without the presence ADHD. Everyone has a unique set of life experiences and genetics that determines how we define ourselves. And as we age we develop a […]

Multitasking and ADHD

  Multitasking and ADHD do not mix. Actually, Multitasking doesn’t work for neurotypicals either, but I’ll explain that later. I remember when I was a kid, I would sit in math class and take these detailed notes about how to do whatever type of math we were learning. Frankly, no matter what it was it […]

ADHD Women and Personal Growth

In order to talk about ADHD women and personal growth, I actually have to make a few confessions. First, this entire website and all of the content on it was developed with the intention of building an audience. Yep- I wanted all of you to like me and follow me and potentially buy products from […]

The ADHD Symptom Everybody Is Talking About

I changed the name of this article to the ADHD symptom everyone is talking about. Mostly because in the two years since I first wrote it, there has been a huge increase in awareness about rejection sensitive dysphoria. “The role of emotional management in adults with ADHD is something the DSM IV criteria don’t touch, […]

ADHD Women Need to Stop Hiding

Yes – you read that correctly, ADHD women need to stop hiding. I know that after years of subtle, and not so subtle messaging you believe that it’s not ok to show the world all parts of you. But that’s the thing – you’re not who you think you are. You are more. Many of […]

Making Positive Life Changes With ADHD

It might feel impossible but you can make positive life changes with ADHD. You’ve probably tried listening to podcasts, downloading free ebooks, and listening to all the ADHD online summits. And you probably still struggle to understand why it’s so hard to do the things that seemingly come easily to neurotypicals. In the Enclave we […]

Intense Emotions and ADHD

  This is not a sponsored post but it does contain affiliate links. Please see my full disclosure and privacy statement.   So… I’m guessing you are dealing with intense emotions and ADHD. How do I know? Well, I have ADHD, and I talk to a lot of other women about how ADHD impacts their […]

ADHD Women: A Study in Contrast

I have often thought that the lives of ADHD women are a study in contrast. From the outside you and I appear to conduct our lives rather haphazardly. Someone once told me having a conversation with me is a bit like talking to the Mad Hatter.I change subjects a lot. I get excited when talking […]

What It Takes To Make A Marriage Work

  You know I’m gonna be honest about what it takes to make a marriage work when one partner has ADHD. It’s not easy, and it’s certainly not as much fun as watching those valentine themed movies on the Hallmark channel. But quality relationship are important, particularly when you and I often feel misunderstood and […]