How to Teach Your Child About Good Dental Hygiene

I don’t have much patience when it comes to arguing with my son about brushing his teeth. Lucky for me, Dr. Greg Grillo offered up a guide for how to teach your child about good dental hygiene. If you are raising a child, you have undoubtedly had the argument about brushing teeth. Kids with and […]

The Memory Dump

Have you ever seen the memory dump scene in the movie Inside Out? In the scene Joy falls into this huge black hole of old memories that look like gray balls. As Riley matures the forgotten memories are tossed down there and eventually evaporate into nothing. The movie does a great job of explaining how […]

I Gave My Child ADHD

  I gave my child ADHD. I also gave him wavy hair and a love of sarcasm. Maybe you also gave your child ADHD? I guarantee you also gave them some other stuff as well. A few weeks ago my son was struggling at Jujitsu. He was supposed to do a front roll and he […]

Authoritative Parenting When Mom Has ADHD Too

I was not raised in an authoritative parenting environment. As I have mentioned my mom was a single parent, and she didn’t have much help. As a teenager I was grounded fairly often. Usually because I was unmotivated or behaving impulsively or just ignoring my parents completely. Grounding worked as a punishment for me because […]

8 Things All Moms With ADHD Understand

  Girls and women with ADHD are getting more press than ever before. There have been some really good articles written, all of which I have pinned. Women with ADHD are getting some serious street cred. Check out my post on Wonderful Website for Women with ADHD. Even with all of this new-found acknowledgement, moms […]

Book Review: What Could Go Wrong?

Book review: What could go wrong?   I thought it would be fun, and much faster, to do a video review. This book is not your ordinary parenting book – there is no, “do this, don’t do that.” Grayson writes about the stuff of life with humor and grace. I really enjoyed it.   Warning: […]