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 Three Is Enough Printable Pack


The ADHD brain struggles to prioritize and activate to work. The longer the to-do list is, the more we begin to freak out, and the less likely we are to get started on anything.

ADHD women don’t prioritize anything that ONLY benefits them. We think we have to take care of everyone else’s needs first.

This printable pack shows you how to prioritize your busy life intentionally.

Benefits of using The Big Three:

  • Less decision fatigue
  • You generate momentum just by the act of choosing
  • No overwhelm from a massive to-do list
  • It’s a visual reminder if you get sidetracked


It becomes easier to make decisions about where to put your energy each day if you narrow the field to the people and activities that matter most to you.

Print out four to a page, OR  laminate so you can reuse. 

**You have unlimited downloads of this product**

Three is Enough



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