Making Positive Life Changes With ADHD

It might feel impossible but you can make positive life changes with ADHD. You’ve probably tried listening to podcasts, downloading free ebooks, and listening to all the ADHD online summits. And you probably still struggle to understand why it’s so hard to do the things that seemingly come easily to neurotypicals. In the Enclave we […]

Surviving the Emotional Tornado of ADHD

The emotional tornado of ADHD is a real thing. It has always been there but we’ve just started talking about more it in recent years. You’ve probably read about emotional dysregulation or rejection sensitive dysphoria at this point, and you might have recognized the symptoms in yourself. But what about the tornado of emotions that […]

What I Learned About Binge Eating And ADHD

I used to be a binge eater. Maybe I still am? I’ve always had issues with food. But during my sophomore year in college I had some personal stuff going on that pushed me over the edge and into more of an addiction state. My roommate had failed out of school, so I was alone […]