Win The Day With ADHD

How to win the day (and let go of perfect) with ADHD. I’ve had ADHD since 1992. Waaaay before it was cool, and also way before most adolescent girls were being diagnosed. My son also has ADHD, as well as Aspergers. I treated my ADHD with meds throughout college, but then stopped taking them in […]

Your Guide To Executive Functions: Action

Executive Functions: Action   Executive functions are not easy to define. But symptoms are easier to spot. The most commonly reported symptom of ADHD in both adults and children is impulsivity. Acting and speaking impulsively can cause some problems in your life. The older you get, the more the world expects you to self-regulate. In the […]

Your Guide to Executive Functions: Memory

Of all of the executive functions, memory is the one I hear about most often. Not to get too deep, but memories are what make us human. Visualizing the past and future and predicting outcomes is what separates us from our pets. Think about the last thing you ate. Can you remember what it was? […]

Your To Guide Executive Functions: Emotion

Executive functions: emotion. Managing emotions with ADHD has been a major topic of conversation in our private membership. Many of us struggle to handle anger, frustration, insecurity and a variety of other emotional and mental health issues. ADHD doesn’t usually travel alone. Being a woman and a mother in the age of The Real Housewives, […]

Your Guide To Executive Functions: Focus

Executive Function: Focus In the last post, we discussed the difficulty for ADHD when it comes to activating ourselves to action. Or as I say, “getting started.” And we looked at the work of Dr. Thomas Brown for reference. For so many of us, getting started is just the first hurdle we must overcome in […]

Your Guide To Executive Functions: Activation

Executive Functions: Activation. This is the first in a series of posts based on the model designed by Dr. Thomas Brown.  You can find his website HERE. Executive functions are the cognitive management system of the brain. This entire management system is impaired when someone is living with ADHD. Source Efs are pretty much a […]

How Poor Executive Function Shows Up In Your Life

  Poor executive function will show up in your life, there is no way around that. Living with ADHD is all about self-regulation. Or lack thereof. In the book Taking Charge of Adult ADHD, Russel Barkley explains: “Executive functions are the specific self-directed actions that we use to control ourselves…Scientists label them differently, but executive […]

If you have ADHD, you have executive function disorder

  ADHD, executive function disorder, whatever you want to call it – if you have ADHD, you also have executive function disorder. “It’s not that people with ADHD and Executive Function Disorder don’t know what to do, it’s that somehow it does not get done.” – Russell Barkley, PhD I’ve always liked Dr. Barkley’s ability […]

The Lazy Girls’ Guide To Crushing Your Executive Functions

Poor executive function has a tremendous negative impact on our lives. The problem is, when you have ADHD your executive functions are impaired. It kinda is what it is you know? Living this way is terribly frustrating. And exhausting. I have been reading and learning as much as I possibly can about executive function. What […]