5 Terrific Reasons To Start A Journal

* This post may contain affiliate links. When I tell you to start a journal I KNOW you are rolling your eyes. It’s ok, I can take it. Journaling isn’t a new concept for most of us. And don’t even mention that whole Bullet Journal craze. I can’t do it. I met Ryder Carroll and I […]

Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria Sucks

This guest post was done by the lovely Danielle, from The Spicy Therapist. I have written about RSD before, but this article blew me away! Consider this your new epic guide to Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria! ————————————————————————– Are you a “people pleaser”? Does failure terrify you? Does “letting down” a loved one send you into an […]

The Most Powerful Way To Connect With Your Child

  A few weeks ago I was really down in the dumps about my child. His diagnosis is a complex one, and I found myself reverting back to old patterns of negative thinking and speaking. Here is a quote from Suzy Miller, “Negative words carry negative vibration. Positive words carry positive vibration. What do you […]

5 Powerful Shifts That Will Activate A Growth Mindset

Famous French painter Paul Cezanne was rejected by the Académie des Beaux-Arts (now the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris) in 1861. He was told his work was not good enough. (source) When I first heard this story I had to look it up to make sure it was true. How could a man that later became […]