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Decided I should update my article Wonderful Websites for Women with ADHD, mostly because I was over on Pinterest and I noticed the graphic above was very…..old.  Below is a list of experts I try to update more often than this article. The expert downloadable is much more comprehensive.

 I talk to a lot of women with ADHD. What I’ve noticed is that most of them get little information at the time of diagnosis, and so they go out looking for information on their own. The google machine is a wonderful invention, but it can be VERY overwhelming for someone who has trouble filtering information.

Social media and the internet are bloated with ADHD content right now.  ADHD  has become a sort of Wild West of online business. There are, “influencers,” and angry white women, and trolls, and profiteers, and scammy websites claiming to diagnosis for $100. Oh and soooo many online summits.

On the other hand there are really experienced and qualified researchers, artists, writers, therapists, coaches, and other helping professionals. Most of which are too busy working to play around on social all day.

With all of the noise, it’s become increasingly difficult to discern where, and from whom, to get information and support.

I’m gonna shut up – Here’s my newest list of wonderful websites for women with ADHD.


wonderful websites for women with ADHd


Caroline MAguire

Caroline isn’t a blogger, but she is definitely an author. I like her best for ADHD moms who have ADHD kids.

She is a well-known speaker, coach trainer, and author. She focuses most of her work on social, emotional, and family training. She’s also just such a nice person. She was on my podcast at one point, too.

Her emails are very useful, and there’s a feature on her site where you can ask her questions directly.

I don’t want to miss any of her accomplishments so best to just go straight to her website.


Thriving Sister Coaching

Elizabeth is another friend (and business partner).

She’s a great writer and also a great coach. She has two young children, and siblings, and sorta like me she’s seen a lot. Elizabeth does social media without all the bad behavior, and she is the tech end of the Enclave because I’m terrible at it.

If you’re looking for a coach who is not only ADHD-informed but also trauma-informed, Elizabeth is your girl.  What I like most is that she helps ADHD women learn to coach themselves. 

If you’re looking for a list of qualified, trained coaches please check out ACO



Gina Pera manages this website. If you are not familiar, Gina wrote Is It You, Me, or Adult A.D.D.? Stopping the Roller Coaster When Someone You Love Has Attention Deficit Disorder
which is available on Amazon. (affiliate link. Full disclosure)

She is an expert in adult relationships and the impact of ADHD on marriages and interpersonal relationships.

I love that Gina Pera is not afraid to take on the medical establishment, or fame-whoring celebrity therapists. Ms. Pera does amazing research into topics relating the ADHD and finds a way to explain them so that they feel relevant to your life.

Her points are clear and well informed. Her insight is excellent, and she is fearless. I like that in a writer!



I am partial to ADDA because I like mellow vibe of their website. Not to mention that I’m the Dear Abby of ADDA. I answer questions via email and I love it. Sometimes I host book discussions and support groups as well.

ADDA is geared toward adults, so you won’t see parenting articles here. What makes them unique is their online support groups. They have something for almost*** everyone, and it’s included in the membership fees.

Membership costs $50 per year, or $5 per month and is well worth the price. You get access to many online webinars and expert interviews in addition to the support groups.

Adda hosts the Annual International Conference on ADHD along with CHADD each year.



Terry Matlen’s book, The Queen of Distraction (affiliate. Full disclosure) was the first thing I read about women with ADHD.

Over the last year or so I’ve been fortunate enough to get to know her better, and now I consider her a dear friend. She is knowledgable, approachable and just…the best! She answers her own email, and she talks about life and parenting from a real perspective.

If you are looking for more from Terry check out her Queens of Distraction group. She offers special deals several times per year. I believe she sees 1:1 clients sometimes, too.



This goes without saying. The CHADD website is a wealth of information.

There is a fee if you want to join, but I frequent this website for general information, and I work on the conference committee most years so I’m a member. The info is geared more toward families than individual adults. They also send out a roundup of ADHD professional news, and ADHD on the internet a couple times per month. I’ve never attended any of their webinars so I cannot speak to those.

If you are at all interested in learning about ADHD, or keeping up to date on the latest research then you should check them out.



ADHD Homestead is operated by Jaclyn Paul, who is on of my favorite writers. If you follow me anywhere you’ll notice I share her stuff all the time.

Her new book, Order From Chaos, is available on Amazon. (affiliate) And she was on my now defunct podcast a couple times. We have a lot in common.

Her is easy to navigate and there are no ads or annoying popups going on. Jaclyn reads widely and is very thorough in her thought process. I know this because she comments on many blogs and websites (including my own) and her opinions are always well-researched and honest.


Or ADDitude, as it is commonly known.  Now – I want to be honest. I don’t love everything on this site, but they dominate the search results so I cannot exclude them. Some of their contributing writers, people like Barkley, Ramsay, or Dodson are good.

The biggest downside I see to ADDitude goes back to how I started this article. Inside each piece of writing you’ll notice multiple links to other pieces. Before you know it you’re twenty articles deep and totally overwhelmed. The website sort of sets you up to go down rabbit trails.

As an aside, I’d avoid getting on their email list because you’ll get no less than six emails per day from them.

Black Girl Lost Keys

Alright I’ll admit it, Rene’ is a friend of mine. We live near each other and have lunch and I love her dogs.

But Rene’ is also an amazing communicator. She has this uncanny ability to Tweet and it’s like she’s inside your head, responding to your thoughts. Rene’ knows what people are talking about, what life is like with ADHD, and she explains all of it in a way you’ll understand.

I’m constantly in awe of her creativity and kindness.

Rene’ will teach you to Guard Your Yes. Just read it, you can thank me later.

Also – she has a patreon. And an online store full of goodies. 


So umm, that is the site you are on right now!  And yes, it is my site.

I would say that I want this site to be a combination of all of the above sites, with a little extra humor thrown in. I want to write about life AND ADHD. The articles are about life, parenting, relationships or whatever we’re discussing in the community.

Currently I’m working on my first book about ADHD moms. It’s a big project.

Here’s a link to all the back episodes of the Healthy ADHD Podcast.

There’s a lot of information out there, but these are my current choices for  websites for women with ADHD. If you have ideas about future additions to the list, I’m all ears.

One of my goals when I started writing was to form a community for ADHD women that was accessible, thoughtful, and fun. So I did. It’s a dream come true.  Learn more by clicking on the image below.

Enclave community logo


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  1. Is this THE Terry Matlen?! Holy cow!
    Actually I am not tech savvy at all so your site works for me. I had to get help with mine. Simpler is better for ladies like us. Thank you thank you thank you for stopping by! I read/watch everything with you in it.

  2. Wow, thank you, Liz! I love this roundup, which includes some of my friends and favorite bloggers.

    I bet your group is great, and I think it’s smart to start small and really get to know each other.

    Keep up the great work!

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